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5 Dolls Discography


Mini Albums:

  • Charming Five Dolls (2011)
  1. 너 말이야 (It’s You)
  2. 입술자국 (Lip Stains)
  3. 쭈르르르르 (Zurururu)
  4. 잘났어 (Good For You)
  5. 거기 잠깐 (Wait Right There)
  • Time To Play (2011)
  1. Time to Play (Intro)
  2. Like This Or That
  3. Even Without You
  4. 너 말이야 (Remix ver.)
  5. 입술자국 (Remix ver.)
  6. 쭈르르르르 (Remix ver.)
  7. 잘났어 (Remix ver.)
  8. 거기 잠깐 (Remix ver.)

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