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4minute, After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Hyuna, Invincible Youth, Joo Yeon, KARA, Narsha, Secret, SNSD/ Girl's Generation, Sun Hwa, T-ara, Variety Show

Invincible Youth

Running time: October 2009 – December 2010
Channel: KBS2

Original cast members:

  • Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)
  • Hyo Min (T-ara)
  • Goo Ha Ra (Kara)
  • Sun Hwa (Secret)
  • Sunny (SNSD/ Girl’s Generation)
  • Yuri (SNSD/ Girl’s Generation)
  • Hyun Ah (4minute)

Current cast members:

Idol’s special guest list:

  • #6: Min Ho (SHINee)
  • #10: Onew (SHINee), Seul Ong (2AM)
  • #18: Hee Chul (Super Junior), B2ST/ BEAST, Nicole (Kara), Hyo Yeon (SNSD/ Girl’s Generation)
  • #19: Shin Dong (Super Junior)
  • #22: Soo Young (SNSD/ Girl’s Generation)
  • #26: Eun Jung (T-ara)
  • #27: Lee Joon (MBLAQ)
  • #36: Secret
  • #40: MBLAQ
  • #41: MBLAQ, Ji Yeon (T-ara)
  • #43: 2PM, Lizzy (After School), Jea (Brown Eyed Girls)
  • #51: Sunny (SNSD/ Girl’s Generation), Hyun Ah (4minute)
  • #52: Luna, Sulli, Krystal (f(x)), Ji Eun (Secret), Ji Young (Kara)
  • #54: Bora (Sistar)
  • #55: Tae Min (SHINee)

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