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100 Points out of 100 Points (Oh My School)

Channel: KBS
Running time: October 2010 – May 2011

It’s a show about educating idols about the entertainment world.


  • Park Myung Soo
  • Park Kyung Lim
  • Yoo Se Yoon
  • Tony Ahn

Somewhat regular guests:

  • Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island)
  • Min (miss A)
  • Simon D (Supreme Team)
  • Choi Min Ho (SHINee)
  • Jae Kyung (Rainbow) (was voted Class President)
  • Choi Jong Hoon (F.T. Island)
  • NS Yoo Jin
  • Kim Joo Ri (Miss Korea 2009)
  • Hyo Sung (Secret)
  • Eun Hyuk (Super Junior)
  • So Yeon (T-ara)
  • Lee Joon (MBLAQ)
  • Yo Seob (B2ST)

(My personal favourite variety show ever and I will do a specific guest list once I have time to rewatch the show)


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