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Jong Hyun (C.N. Blue)

Real name: Lee Jung Shin Birthday: September 15, 1991 Height: 186cm Blood Type: A currently the bassist of C.N. Blue

Jung Shin (C.N. Blue)

Real name: Lee Jong Hyun Birthday: June 15, 1990 Height: 182cm Blood Type: O currently the guitarist and vocalist of C.N. Blue

Min Hyuk (C.N. Blue)

Real name: Kang Min Hyuk Birthday: June 28, 1991 Height: 184cm Blood Type: A currently the drummer of C.N. Blue

Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue)

Real name: Jung Yong Hwa Birthday: June 22, 1989 Height: 180cm Blood Type: A currently the leader and guitarist/ vocalist of C.N. Blue was on We Got Married with Seo Hyun (SNSD/ Girl’s Generation)

C.N. Blue Discography

Singles: I’m a Loner (2010) Love (2010) Intuition (2011) Love Girl (2011) Mini Albums: Now or Never (2009) Now or Never Let’s Go Crazy Love Revolution Just Please Teardrops in the Rain Voice (2009) voice Wanna Be Like U Never too late Y, Why . . . One of a kind Bluetory (2010) 외톨이야 Love … Continue reading

C.N. Blue (씨엔블루)

Group name: C.N. Blue (Code Name Blue) Debut date: August 19, 2009 Debut single: Now or Never Fanclub name: Boice Company: FNC Music Discography Current members: Jung Yong Hwa Lee Jong Hyun Kang Min Hyuk Lee Jung Shin Former member: Kwon Kwang Jin