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Ye Jun (F.cuz)

Real name: Shim Ye Jun Birthday: February 4, 1992 Height: 182cm currently the maknae of F.cuz Advertisements

Lee-U (F.cuz)

Real name: Lee Seung Hyun also known as: Lee-U Birthday: March 20, 1990 Height: 179cm a former member of F.cuz

Kan (F.cuz)

Real name: Choi Young Hak also known as: Kan Birthday: September 30, 1991 Height: 184cm currently a member of F.cuz

Jinon (F.cuz)

Real name: Kim Jin Chul also known as: Jinon Birthday: July 13, 1989 Height: 183cm currently the leader of F.cuz


Group name: F.cuz (pronounced “focus”) Debut date: January 8, 2010 Debut single: Jiggy Fanclub name: Runway Company: CAN&J’S Entertainment Discography Current members: Jinon (Kim Jin Chul) Kim Dae Gun Kim Rae Hyun Kan (Choi Young Hak) Shim Ye Jun Former members: Lee-U (Lee Seung Hyun)