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Seung Hyun (F.T. Island)

Real Name: Song Seung Hyun Birthday: August 21, 1992 Height: 180cm Blood Type: O currently the guitarist and newest member of F.T. Island Advertisements

Min Hwan (F.T. Island)

Real Name: Choi Min Hwan Birthday: November 11, 1992 Height: 171cm Blood Type: A currently the drummer and maknae of F.T. Island

Jong Hoon (F.T. Island)

Real Name: Choi Jong Hoon Birthday: March 7, 1990 Height: 178cm Blood Type: AB currently the leader and guitarist of F.T. Island

Hong Ki (F.T. Island)

Real Name: Lee Hong Ki Birthday: March 2, 1990 Height: 176cm Blood Type: AB currently the lead singer of F.T. Island

F.T. Island Discography

Singles: Love Sick (2007) Thunder (2007) A Man’s First Love Follows Him to the Grave (2007) Until You Comeback (2007) I Am Happy (2008) After Love (2008) Heaven (2008) Soyogi (2008) Friendship (2008) The One (2008) Bad Woman (2009) Missing You (2009) I Believe Myself (2009) Girls Don’t Know (2009) I Hope (2009) Raining (2009) … Continue reading

F.T. Island

Group name: F.T Island (Five Treasure Island) Debut date: June 7, 2007 Debut single: Lovesick Fanclub name: Primadonna Company: FNC Music Discography Current members: Choi Jong Hoon Lee Hong Ki Lee Jae Jin Song Seung Hyun Choi Min Hwan Former member: Oh Won Bin