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Hannah (GP Basic)

Real name: Jeon Ye Joo also known as: Hannah/ Hyena Birthday: March 30, 1996 Height: 160cm previously the leader of GP Basic

Zion (GP Basic)

Real name: Park So Hee also known as: Zion Birthday: April 6, 1996 Height:164cm currently a member of GP Basic

Leah (GP Basic)

Real name: Kim Yoo Hyun also known as: Leah Birthday: July 25, 1996 Height: 161cm currently a member of GP Basic

Trinity (GP Basic)

Real name: Jeong Hye Sun also known as: Trinity Birthday: September 9, 1996 Height: 163cm currently a member of GP Basic

Amet (GP Basic)

Real name: Yeon Hee also known as: Amet Birthday: October 14, 1996 Height: 160cm currently a member of GP Basic

Janey (GP Basic)

Real name: Byeon Seung Mee also known as: Janey Birthday: December 14, 1998 Height: 147cm currently the maknae of GP Basic

Mui (GP Basic)

Real name: Kim Moo Yi also known as: Mui Birthday: December 25, 1996 the newest member of GP Basic

GP Basic

Debut date: August 15, 2010 Debut single: Game Fanclub name:  Company: GP Basic Entertainment Discography Current members: Zion (Park So Hee) Leah (Kim Yoo Hyun) Trinity (Jeong Hye Sun) Amet (Yeon Hee) Mui (Kim Moo Yi) Janey (Byeon Seung Mee) Former member: Hannah (Jeon Ye Joo)