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YoonJo (Hello Venus)

Real name: Shin YoonJo Birthday: December 14, 1992 currently a member of Hello Venus Advertisements

Ara (Hello Venus)

Real name: Yoo Ara also known as: Ara Birthday: September 26, 1992 currently the leader of Hello Venus

YooYoung (Hello Venus)

Real name: Park JungHwa also known as: YooYoung Birthday: January 23, 1995 currently the maknae of Hello Venus

Nara (Hello Venus)

Real name: Kwon Nara Birthday: March 13, 1991 currently a member of Hello Venus

Alice (Hello Venus)

Real name: Song JuHee also known as: Alice Birthday: March 21, 1990 currently a member of Hello Venus

Lime (Hello Venus)

Real name: Kim HyeLim also known as: Lime Birthday: January 19, 1993 currently a member of Hello Venus

Hello Venus

Debut date: May 9, 2012 Debut single: Venus Fanclub name: Hello Cupid Company: Pledis Members: Alice (Song JuHee) Kwon Nara Yoo Ara Shin YoonJo Lime (Kim HyeLim) YooYoung (Park JungHwa)