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Debut date: May 13, 2002 Debut single: Bad Guy Fanclub name: The Cloud Company: J.Tune Real name: Jung Ji Hoon also known as: Bi, Rain Birthday: June 25, 1982 Height: 184cm Blood type: O

Lee Joon (MBLAQ)

Real name: Lee ChangSun also known as: Lee Joon Birthday: February 7, 1988 Height: 180cm Blood type: A currently a member of MBLAQ


Real name: Jung ByungHee also known as: G.O. Birthday: November 6, 1987 Height: 177cm Blood type: A currently a member of MBLAQ

SeungHo (MBLAQ)

Real name: Yang SeungHo Birthday: October 16, 1987 Height: 176cm Blood type: A currently the leader of MBLAQ


Real name: Bang CheolYong also known as: Mir Birthday: March 10, 1991 Height: 178cm Blood type: A currently the maknae of MBLAQ

CheonDung (MBLAQ)

Real name: Park SangHyun also known as: CheonDung, Thunder Birthday: October 7, 1990 Height: 181cm Blood type: A currently a member of MBLAQ is the younger brother of Sandara Park (2NE1) was born in South Korea, but lived in the Phillipines

MBLAQ Discography

Singles Oh Yeah (2009) G.O.O.D. Luv (2009) If You Let Me Into Your Heart (2010) Y (2010) Cry (2011) Stay (2011) Your Luv (2011) Mona Lisa (2011) Single Albums Just BLAQ (2009) Oh Yeah G.O.O.D. Luv My Dream Y (2010) 4 Ya’ Stereo – Intro (feat. Taewan a.k.a C-Luv) Y One Better Day What U … Continue reading


Group name: MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) Debut date: October 9, 2009 Debut single: Oh Yeah Fanclub name: A+ Company: J.Tune Discography Members: Yang SeungHo G.O. (Jung ByungHee) Lee Joon (Lee ChangSun) Cheon Dung aka Thunder (Park SangHyun) Mir (Bang ChulYong) Related variety shows: Idol Army Season 5 (2009 – 2010) Hello Baby … Continue reading