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C-Real Discography

Singles: No No No No No (2011) JOMA JOMA (2012) Sorry But I (2012) Single Albums: Sorry But I (May 16, 2012) Sorry But I Sorry But I (Inst.) Mini Albums: Round 1 (October 12, 2011) C-REAL Intro No No No No No No thank U 그러지 좀 마 (Do Not) 뭐야 뭐야 (What Is … Continue reading

Lenny (C-Real)

Real name: Lee YooJin also known as: Lenny   Birthday: November 28, 1996 currently the maknae of C-Real

Ann J (C-Real)

Real name: Jo YeoWoon also known as: Ann J Birthday: September 26, 1995 currently a member of C-Real

Effie (C-Real)

Real name: Lee JiHoon also known as: Effie   Birthday: April 13, 1994 currently a member of C-Real

ReDee (C-Real)

Real name: Lee DaHee also known as: ReDee   Birthday: July 15, 1994 currently a member of C-Real

Chenmi (C-Real)

Real name: Kim YoungWon also known as: Chenmi  Birthday: June 25, 1993 currently the leader of C-Real

C-Real (씨리얼)

Debut date: October 12, 2011 Debut single: No No No No No Fanclub name: CREALing Company: NAP Entertainment Discography Members: Chemi (Kim YoungWon) ReDee (Lee DaHee) Effie (Lee JiHoon) Ann J (Jo YeoWoon) Lenny (Lee YooJin)