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Ren (NU’EST)

Real name: Choi MinKi also known as: Ren Birthday: November 3, 1995 Height: 179cm currently the maknae of NU’EST Advertisements

MinHyun (NU’EST)

Real name: Hwang MinHyun Birthday: August 9, 1995 Height: 183cm currently a member of NU’EST

Aron (NU’EST)

Real name: Aron Kwak also known as: Aron Birthday: May 21, 1993 Height: 175cm currently a member of NU’EST born and lived in California, USA

BaekHo (NU’EST)

Real name: Kang DongHo also known as: BaekHo Birthday: July 21, 1995 Height: 178cm currently a member of NU’EST


Real name: Kim JongHyun also known as: JR (Junior Royal) Birthday: June 8, 1995 Height: 176cm currently the leader of NU’EST


Debut date: March 14, 2012 Debut single: Face Fanclub name:  Company: Pledis Members: Aron Kwak JR (Kim Jong Hyun) BaekHo (Kang Dong Ho) Hwang Min Hyun Ren (Choi Min Ki)