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100% (백퍼센트)

  Debut date: September 18, 2012 Debut single: Bad Boy Fanclub name: Perfection Company: TOP Media Members: Seo MinWoo (leader) Kim RokHyun Jo JongHwan Kim ChanYong Woo ChangBum Jang HyukJin Lee SangHoon Advertisements

ChangJo (Teen Top)

Real name: Choi Jong Hyun (최종현) also known as: ChangJo (창조) Birthday: November 16, 1995 Height: 177cm currently the maknae of Teen Top

Ricky (Teen Top)

Real name: Yoo ChangHyun (유창현) also known as: Ricky (리키) Birthday: Februay 27, 1995 Height: 172cm currently the visual maknae of Teen Top

L.Joe (Teen Top)

Real name: Lee ByungHun (이병헌) also known as: L.Joe (엘조) Birthday: November 23, 1993 Height: 171cm currently a member of Teen Top

ChunJi (Teen Top)

Real name:  Lee ChanHee (이찬희) also known as: ChunJi (천지) Birthday: October 5, 1993 Height: 173cm currently a member of Teen Top

C.A.P. (Teen Top)

Real name:  Bang MinSoo (방민수) also known as: C.A.P (캡) Birthday: November 4, 1992 Height: 178cm currently the leader of Teen Top

Niel (Teen Top)

Real name: Ahn Daniel(안다니엘) also known as: Niel (니엘) Birthday: August 16, 1994 Height: 177cm currently a member of Teen Top

Teen Top (틴탑)

Debut date: July 10, 2010 Debut single: Clap Fanclub name: Angel Company: TOP Media Discography Members: C.A.P. (Bang MinSoo) ChunJi (Lee ChanHee) L.Joe (Lee ByungHun) Neil (Ahn Daniel) Ricky (Yoo ChangHyun) ChangJo (Choi JongHyun)